Saving the money for your beach vacation by BeachSummerRentals

Are you canceling your beach vacation because of the cost or lack of money? As of the publishing date of this article, the average weekly price for a beach rental in the peak season on is between $1800 and $1900. This article will show you how you can save some money in your budget and still take that vacation this year. As with any money saving program, there will be sacrifices, but these sacrifices are so small you may not even notice. The reward which you will notice is huge! So here are our tips on how you can save the money to take your vacation this year.

1. Make your coffee at home!

Let's assume you and your spouse each grab a cup of coffee on the way to work everyday and that a cup of coffee costs about $1.50. If you both work about 200 days in a typical year, this is 400 cups of coffee in a year for a total cost of $600. If you brew your own coffee, you should get about 30 equivalent cups from a pound of coffee which you can buy for about $5 or $6. After doing the math, the same amount of coffee would cost you about $85 if you brewed it yourself.

Total estimated yearly savings: $515

2. Reduce dining out

This is a big one. If your average bill every time you dine out is about $40, and you do it once a week, this is total $2080 for a year. If you spend more then $40 or dine out more often, this number becomes greater. Cooking your own meals at home is a huge cost savings. Not only will this save you money, but it is also healthier and will make it easier for you to achieve that beach body for your trip.

Total estimated yearly savings: $2080

3. Lunches

This is another big one and is related to the previous one. Are you spending $7 per day every day for lunch while you are at your job? You could pack your lunch for about $3 instead. Total savings is about $4 per day. If there are about 200 working days in a year, this could save you $800.

Total estimated yearly savings: $800

4. Use less gasoline

If your family spends about $300 per month to fuel your vehicles, look here to possibly save some money for the beach vacation. Try planning shorter routes to get places. Try to get everything you need to get on one trip, instead of multiple trips. Schedule appointments such as haricuts around the same time and in close proximity to other appointments. This way you can get them all done with one trip. Make sure your vehicle is properly maintained to increase gas mileage. If you can reduce your fuel usage by about 10%, this can be a $30 per month savings.

Total estimated yearly savings: $360

5. Downgrade television service

Do you really watch all those premium channels? You may have a premium channel package at $20 per month that you don't use. This adds up over the course of a year for something you don't use.

Total estimated yearly savings: $240

6. Use store brand items

There are many items that you regularly purchase in which you are using name brands. Most major grocery, drugstore, and department store chains have their own in-house brands which are less expensive than the name brands. You will most likely not notice if you switch to the store brands. Do you really need name brand over the counter medication? Do you really need name brand canned foods, frozen foods, peanut butter, cereal, etc.? If you could cut out $50 per month from your food bill by making this switch, you will have an extra $600 in a year!

Total estimated yearly savings: $600

This list is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to saving money in your budget for a beach vacation. There are so many other ways that families can cut spending and still enjoy a vacation this year. If none of these ideas are applicable to your situation, then analyze your finances and determine how you are spending your money. You may find many things that you really don't need. This could really make the difference between a beautiful family beach vacation or not.